lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

Happy Easter

Wishing all my LJ friends, a very happy Easter or Passover season

Easter Joy


Earth reawakens and blossoms again.

The daffodils, golden, carpet the lane:

The Church bells ring out their message of joy

“Eastertide blessings to each girl and boy !”


Look at each blossom, each tree and each flower !

Each one bearing witness to God’s wondrous power.

Look at each leaf, so fresh and so green !

Nature’s reflection of glories unseen.


The Glory of Heaven is mirrored on earth,

As Springtime announces all nature’s rebirth.

Winter is past now, so no more be sad,

Easter is here, Rejoice and be glad !


  My favourite Easter Hymn Daffodils in my garden last year.
Tags: holidays
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