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How Aragorn is effected by his experiences.

I am posting this to help my readers better understand Aragorn's behaviour.

When I wrote about how Aragorn is effected by the cruel torture he undergoes in "Web of Treason" and "A time to Reap" I used information supplied by the following organisations who do valuable work to help real life torture survivors.

The Medical Foundation

Amnesty International

You can support Amnesty's work for free by clicking the button on this page each day.

I quote here from "The Physicians for Human Rights " Website

"Victims often suffer from psychological symptoms such as lack of sleep, nightmares, problems with concentration, anxiety, depression, irritability, adjustment disorders, impotence, and feelings of powerlessness, shame and guilt."

and the website of "Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Committee"

"The psychological effects of torture often include: recurrent nightmares, the inability to sleep or fear of sleep, flashbacks, chronic anxiety, feelings of betrayal and the inability to trust any other person. These psycho- logical consequences are likely to have devastating, long-term effects not only on survivors but their families, friends, and communities as well."
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