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Æ - like Ælfwine came ærly.

Written for the "There and Back Challenge"

The characters are the property of the Tolkien estate.

Greeting the Sun


Éomer leapt to his feet when the midwife appeared. She was smiling.


“You have a fine healthy son, my lord,” she announced.


“And the Queen?”


“She is well, just very tired. The babe was in no hurry to arrive and her labour was long. You may see them both now.”


An exhausted Lothiriel was sitting up in bed clutching a bundle in her arms. Éomer‘s first impression was of a very pink wrinkled face crowned by fuzz of black hair.


Just then, the cock crowed heralding dawn.

“I see our Elfwine came early to greet the sun,” said Éomer.

This is the final prompt for the "There and Back" Challenge and to my amazement, I've written something for each one !

"Back to Middle earth" month has been fun and I hope others have enjoyed the prompts and challenges and celebrating Tolkien as much as I have.

A big thank you to Raksha for all her help and support.

Which,if any,of these drabbles did you enjoy most?

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