lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

Heart of Gondor

Author: Linda Hoyland
Title: Heart of Gondor
Rating: G
Theme: Beauty of Arda
Elements: fair, bare
Author's Notes:
Summary: Reflections on the the White Tree
Word Count: 119

Long years the tree stood, dead and crumbling,
Bare branches diminishing, snapping in the wind.
No tender care could halt the ravages of time.
Deep darkness fell and fierce fire blazed.
The City crumbled even as the tree.

Then light returned and a fresh breeze blew.
From the North, he came, Envinyatar;
Fierce flashed his sword felling his foes.
Afterwards, his hands brought healing.
For the tree, though; its time was past.

Tenderly he planted it, scion of Nimloth, even as he was scion of Kings.
Long had it awaited his coming, buried deep in the earth.
Swiftly it grew and put forth fair blossoms.
In the moonlight shining bright as stars.
Blessings had come again upon the land.

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