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Þ - thorn - like Þoughtful Þéoden.

Written for the "There and Back Challenge"
With grateful thanks to Raksha.

The characters are the property of the Tolkien estate.

Þ - thorn - like Þoughtful Þéoden.

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

The light burned low in Théoden’s tent. He knew he should rest, but could not. Tomorrow they would reach Minas Tirith and fight alongside their allies.

Éomer stirred in his sleep. Théoden looked wistfully upon his nephew. If only he had heeded his advice and not listened to Wormtongue! How he had wronged the young man, yet Éomer’s generous heart forgave.

Then there was Éowyn. His sister-daughter had suffered too from his neglect. Yet she would make a worthy Queen, if he and Éomer fell on the morrow.

Théoden smiled. Tomorrow he would have the chance to regain his honour.
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