lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

The Final Obstacle

B2MeM Challenge - All Oc, all the time, an in Law
Format: drabble

Genre: humour
Rating: G

Warnings: none
Characters: OMCS
Pairings:OMC/ OFC

Summary: Gilavir has an important question to ask.

A sequel to "A Woman's Touch" at

“So you desire to wed my daughter?” The grizzled Ranger eyed Gilavir suspiciously. “Why?”

“She is fair as the sunrise, sweeter than honey, lovelier than-”

“I have heard on good authority that you desired a wife for the sole purpose of knitting your socks!”

 Gilavir flushed. “I did once, but that was before I met your Inzilwen.”

“What if I were to tell you that her knitting skills were sadly lacking and she could not make socks if her life depended on it?”

“I should still wish to wed her.”

“You may have her then. In truth she knits well!”

Tags: btme12, drabbles

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