lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

Where kisses lead

B2MeM Challenge - Four words - social, weather, virtuous, thirteen
Format: drabble

Genre: humour, romance
Rating: PG

Warnings: mild sexual themes

Characters: Fastred, Elanor, Sam, Rose

Pairings: Fastred/ Elanor, Rose/Sam

Summary: Elanor and Fastred plan their future

It was perfect weather for a social occasion, such as the Mayor’s birthday. There was food and drink in abundance for all, songs were sung, tales told, and presents given to all .Then there was dancing, supposedly for the young folk, but their elders could still show them a thing or two.

Fastred danced with Elanor three times then took her into the garden and kissed her.

“I’m a virtuous maiden,” she protested. “I did enjoy that, though!”

“Then let us be wed,” said Fastred.

 “Oh, Fastred” cried Elanor. “I’m so happy! Let’s have thirteen children like Ma and Da!”


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