lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,


B2MeM Challenge - Botany - Lotus

Format: drabble

Genre: General
Rating: G

Warnings: none

Characters: Eowyn, OFC

Pairings: none

Summary: Lady Adiva shows Eowyn some strange flowers

“Come and see my new flowers,” Lady Adiva said to Éowyn.

Éowyn followed the Ambassador’s wife out into the gardens. Adiva led her to a fair fountain, which was filled, with beautiful blooms, which reminded Éowyn a little of tulips, save that they appeared to grow in water.

“Are they some sort of water lily?” she asked.

“Oh no, esteemed Lady Éowyn,” said Adiva. “These are lotus blossoms, one of the most revered flowers in the East. They represent beauty and purity. The gods themselves favour them. Few western eyes have beheld them.”

“You do me great honour,” said Éowyn.

Tags: btme12, btme12 drabbles

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