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Y - like a yawning Yavanna.


Written for the "There and Back Challenge"
The characters are the property of the Tolkien estate.

Y - like a yawning Yavanna.



The King and Queen sat upon makeshift thrones erected on the Pelennor, watching the Harvest celebrations .It had been a good year and the people had assembled to give thanks to Yavanna for her bounty.


Children danced and presented offerings of sheaves of grain and baskets of fruit and flowers.


Aragorn and Arwen smiled, enjoying the obvious happiness of their young subjects.


Then came the speeches. One by one the farmers rose and detailed their crop yields and their gratitude to the Valar for the fruitfulness of the land.


Aragorn’s eyelids began to droop. Arwen surreptitiously nudged him back to full wakefulness. “Try to look interested, beloved,” she chided.


“I am doing my best, but these speeches!” the King grumbled.


“If you are bored, you think how poor Yavanna must be yawning having to listen to them throughout Arda!” the Queen responded. ”You have to preside over but one celebration!”


“Then I must be grateful,” Aragorn replied.


When the next speech was concluded, the King rose from his seat and said in a loud voice. “People of Gondor, my brothers and sisters. Let us rejoice today. Freed from the shadow, our beloved land is bountifully blessed! Yavanna be praised!”








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