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March Teitho Challenge

Did you know that the Sindarin word "teitho" deasn't mean only "write", but
"draw" as well? That's right, and Teitho is entering a new phase, which we would
like to proudly announce. It is a phase of collaboration between writers and
artists, where we would like to see both stories and pictures as a response to
our challenges.

Stories will be submitted per email, as usual, but the pictures should be
submitted to Arda-Inspired <>, a group at
deviantArt collaborating with Teitho. You need to have an account deviantArt to
submit to it, but it is a site better equipped for posting art and safer against
art theft. If you have any questions about joining or submitting, just send us
an email to the address below. The art entries do not have to feature Aragorn
and/or Legolas, like the written entries do (because it might be a bit boring to
draw only them every month). The links to the entries will be posted at the
Teitho site together with the stories, and just like with the stories, you will
be able to vote for the best 3 per our email.

To celebrate this new phase of Teitho, the theme for March is Stories and
Pictures. Now you can write a story about a picture, or paint a picture about a
story, if you wish so...

Books, archives, tales and their telling or writing, that are all possibilities
if you decide to go for the first part of the challenge. The story can be a
bedtime story for children, a historical account, or one of the famous elven
lays, and it is just up to you who reads or writes it - maybe Aragorn or Legolas
wrote stories or poems as well? You can draw or write about the archives of
Minas Tirith, Aragorn reading a story from the extensive library of Rivendell,
Frodo or Bilbo writing down their adventures...

The second part of the challenge offers you a look at art in Middle-earth: from
Vaire's tapestries to childrens' drawings. Even tattoos and body painting
belongs to this cathegory, so you could consider even Saruman's orcs artists...
Paintings and tapestries are also unthinkable decorations of every palace, and
some decorations can be found in every house and dwelling besides the poorest
ones. We would like to see a story or picture about their making, or where
pictures play an important role.

You only need to answer one part of the challenge, although you can include
both in your entry. The deadline of this theme is March 25th.

For writers: send your stories to <>. As usually, the
contest is anonymous and the story can't be published publicly until the
results of the challenge are posted.

For artists: Submit your picture into the Teitho gallery folder of Arda-Inspired
The picture should be new, drawn specifically for the challenge. State that you
are submitting it to the contest in the artist's comments.

Happy writing and drawing!

Your Teitho-moderators,
nautika, StarLight, and Mirach

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