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U - like unsavoury urges in Umbar.

The Characters are the property of the Tolkien Estate

Written for the "There and Back" challenge.


With grateful thanks to Raksha



“Want some company, traveller?”

The man, who was elsewhere called Thorongil, looked up from his drink to meet the girl‘s eyes. She was pretty for a tavern pleasure-woman, still young with clear skin and lustrous black hair, which reminded him of Arwen’s.

Arwen! How he ached for her presence.

“Does she not please you? “ The innkeeper’s voice interrupted his reverie. The girl’s eyes widened with fear. Thorongil knew she would be punished if he rejected her.

“She pleases me.” He tossed the man a coin.

The girl led him by the hand towards the stalls at the back. The cries of pleasure from behind the curtains left no doubt as to the nature of the customers’ gratification.

“Come!” She slowly started to unfasten her robe, revealing shapely curves beneath it. Thorongil swiftly averted his eyes.

Thorongil sat stiffly on the edge of the bed. “I must go now,” he told his companion.

“I thought you wanted pleasure?”

What man does not? Thorongil thought.  But one alone can satisfy me.

“There is no need for shyness.” She sat down beside him
  Suddenly, she was kissing him, her full sensuous mouth pressing against his own. Her hands fumbled with Thorongil’s robe. Her silken tresses fell across his face. They smelt of jasmine.

He was a man. She was a woman and a fair one.

Aragorn hastily rose to his feet. ”My friends await me,” he lied.” I will tell your master you pleased me greatly.”

“I do not understand.”

“I cannot give myself to you. I must prove worthy of my heart’s desire.”

He stumbled out into the street; eager to put this place and its unsavoury temptations behind him. The sooner he could leave Umbar the better.

He had vowed to be joined with Arwen or remain forever alone.

A/N this is my first attempt at a 300 word fixed length ficlet.

Tags: drabbles, ficlets

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