lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

New Teitho Challenge

Many races live upon the face of Arda. The Ainur, the Elves and Men, Dwarves,
Hobbits, Ents, also Orcs and Trolls... Aren't we forgetting someone? Yes,
we are: the animals! But no more. The Animals of Middle-earth is our January

Our world knows many species of animals, and there are not fewer of them in
Middle-earth: two- and four-legged ones, even those many-legged, and, of course,
fishesss, precioussss... Eagles always held a special place among them as the
heralds of Manwë, and played an important role in the tales of Middle-earth.
They fought in battles, and not once did their wings save lives were it
Beren and Lúthien, dwarves, hobbits, or a certain wizard.

Another of the wizards was known for having a special connection to animals
; Radagast the Brown, just like the Rohirrim to their horses. Not only the
noble Maeras, but all of their herds that they loved like their own children.
Riding is a common means of transport, and animals are important for all people
not only as a means of transport, but also in providing their food. Many
families are dependent on their animals, and consider them family members. Even
the hunters have respect to their prey.

Aragorn and Legolas are not farmers, but they certainly encountered animals
daily ; their horses, the animals they had to hunt for food, or those they
just encountered in the wilderness... What is their relationship to animals? You
can write about the horses they got from Éomer ; Hasufel and Arod, or the
other horses they had, like Roheryn whom Aragorn got as a gift from Arwen.

You can write about their pets ; what animal did little Legolas or little
Estel drag home and beg his father to let him keep it? Are they a dog person or
a cat person? Maybe they had a special relationship with a pet. The love of an
animal can be just as strong and precious as the love of a close friend.

Let's show some love and kindness to our animal friend as well, and not only in
stories! (But we are looking forward to those as well, of course!)

The deadline for this challenge is January 25th. Please send your stories and
questions to: <teitho.contest@...>

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