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T - like a turgid Turgon.

The characters are the property of the Tolkien Estate.
Written for the "There and Back " Challenge

T - like a turgid Turgon.

“Your tutor tells me you have not been paying attention,” Faramir said sternly.


“I hate history!” Elboron grumbled.” Nothing but turgid prose about long dead people! What do they matter now?”


Faramir picked up the book studied it. ”These people were your longfathers, Turgon, your great-great grandfather, for example, saw Sauron again take up residence again in Mordor.


“They are still dull,” Elboron protested.


“Had Turgon not lived, you would not be here today,” Faramir informed him dryly.




“Yes, truly, think on that, ion nîn.”


“Perhaps he is not so turgid after all.” Elboron finally settled with his book.


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