lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

O - like an ornery Oromë.

Written for the "There and Back " challenge.

Unhappy Hunting

“I must be loosing my old Ranger skills,” Faramir lamented. “I have failed to catch anything.”

“So have I.” Aragorn joined his friend in the forest clearing.

“How our wives will tease us!” groaned Aragorn. “I wanted to show Arwen I was still as skilled a hunter and tracker as in my youth.”

“Maybe it was not a good idea to promise to provide a deer for the banquet,” the Steward said dolefully. “I thought Oromë would smile on us, since we kill only for need, not pleasure.”

Aragorn grimaced ruefully. “Perhaps he simply awoke in an ill mood today.”

Tags: drabbles

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