lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

Blue Skies

Author: Linda Hoyland
Title: Blue Skies
Rating: G
Theme: Summertime Blues
Elements: 101
Beta: Raksha
Author's Notes:
Summary: Aragorn reflects on what makes a perfect day
Word Count:100

The characters are the property of the Tolkien estate

Blue Skies

Aragorn looked out of the window. It promised another warm summer's day with a cloudless blue sky.

“It’s a perfect day, sire,' the serving maid said cheerily as she brought his drink.

Aragorn was not so certain. In the North, days such as this were a rarity to be cherished. Sometimes he missed the fierce storm clouds that galloped across the sky like wild horses; the grey rain clouds with their shining silver linings, or the white wisps that scurried across the sky on a windy day.

Clear blue skies were fair but tasted like food without salt to him.
Tags: drabbles

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