lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

L - like the legacy of Legolas.

Written for the There and Back Challenge.

With grateful thanks to Raksha

The Legacy

Land that was once desolate now bloomed. Shoots sprang from the saplings planted over what was once laid waste. Flowers blossomed profusely amongst the verdant grasses.


Elves sang as they lovingly tended the young trees.


“You have worked marvels here, my friend,” said Aragorn, looking around him. “The land flourishes again under your watchful care. Gondor needs Elves to help restore the bounty she once enjoyed.”


“This is my legacy, “ said Legolas. “When I am gone, I hope folk will walk here and remember the Firstborn. These trees will outlast many generations of Men.”


Overhead, the gulls screamed mournfully.

Tags: drabbles

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