lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

I - like inspiring Ilúvatar.

Written for the "There and Back" challenge. 

I - like inspiring Ilúvatar.

Arwen sat in her bower surrounded by the fairest blossoms. She sang sweetly to herself, while working at her embroidery. Beside her Eldarion sat on a blanket, playing with his toys.

Unobserved, Aragorn entered the garden and stood watching his wife and son, his heart filled with love at the fair sight they presented.

Surely the music of the Ainur could not have sounded so beautiful as Arwen’s song? Yet was it not itself part of that music? Had Ilúvatar inspired every note, or had the creation in turn inspired the creator?

Only Ilúvatar knew the answer to his question.
Tags: drabbles

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