lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

May Teitho Challenge

"What his right name is I've never heard: but he's known round here as
Strider." ButterBur, FOTR

Strider was known by many names, as was Gandalf. How did they get them?
What did they mean? Perhaps other characters come to mind?

Your story could also be about the impact of a name. Gondorians often
bore names out of history. Boromir I received a Morgul-wound in battle.
He died only 12 years into his Stewardship. Did our Boromir feel a
'shadow' from his naming? Did he share his trepidation with Aragorn or

What about choosing a name for a child? According to LACE, Elven infants
sometimes received 'names of insight'. Is that how Legolas' name was

Perhaps it's about naming a fear. What fears do you think our heroes
struggle to conquer – or to hide?

As always, we look forward to seeing the tales you weave. Aragorn and
Legolas do not have to be main characters, but at least one of them has
to be mentioned.

The deadline for this challenge is May 25th. Please send your stories
and questions to:

Happy writing!

Your Teitho moderators,
Marethiel, nautika, StarLight, and Valante

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