lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

G: Like a Gasping Galadriel - Glimpse of Glory

Written for the "There and Back"  Challenge.

With thanks to Raksha

 G: Like a Gasping Galadriel

Glimpse of Glory

He would yield it so easily?
Measureless might was within her grasp! 

Lothlórien need not fail. Her fair Realm could endure as long as Arda lasted.
The Mallorns would even bloom in winter. Blossoms would spring up wherever she trod. Elanor and niphredil would flourish in every field. Cerin Amroth would be the centre of a vast kingdom.
She could widen her borders; all would bow before her, the beautiful and terrible Queen!
Galadriel gasped; if she took it, she would swiftly fall as low as Sauron. 

Suddenly, the glorious vision faded. She smiled wistfully at Frodo and remained Galadriel.
Tags: drabbles

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