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A Very Dirty Dragon

Witten for the "There and Back" challenge.

An Unexpected Puddle

“Give it back!” Eldarion demanded as his sister scampered through the gardens clutching his favourite toy.

"I want it! “ she protested.

“It’s mine! Eldarion made a grab for his treasure.

Angered, his small sister threw it with all her might. It landed with a splash in a muddy puddle.

“No, look what you’ve done!” Eldarion exclaimed, wading in to retrieve his toy, oblivious of the mud on his boots and breeches.

“Children, behave!” admonished Nanny, arriving on the scene

“Farawyn has ruined Smaug!” Eldarion wailed.

“Nonsense, soap and water can wash even a very dirty dragon clean!” Nanny reassured.
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