lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

My 100th LOTR story at ?

Which should be my 100th LOTR story at

More than meets the eye
My Teitho "Heartbreak" entry after the contest
How the mighty are Fallen
Ranger,Ringbearer and Resolution
A Tale of Two Battles
Other, please state in comments

Please help me decide what should be my 100th LOTR story on

"More than Meets the Eye" came second at MEFA

The "Heartbreak" contest ends on March 16th when who wrote what is revealed

"How the Mighty are Fallen" came second at Teitho

"Ranger, Ringerbearer and Resolution placed first at Teitho, but I'm not very happy with it.

"A Tale of Two Battles" was written for a Faramir Het and Gen Exchange.

I also have a variety of unpublished on ficlets written for AA Prompts and various challenges if anyone remembers and likes any of them.

Some are here

"Hands" is already posted.

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