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Teitho March Challenge

March is the most eventful month in Middle-earth. Aragorn’s birthday, the battles of the Hornburg and the Pelennor fields, the journey through the Paths of the Dead, the deaths of both King Théoden and Denethor, Aragorn healing Faramir, and, of course, the fall of Sauron all take place in March. This year we celebrate this with a theme of ”Anniversaries”.

Anniversaries are rituals to commemorate meaningful events in our lives or in history. They can be happy occasions, like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, or the marking of a victory. They can be somber and contemplative, like memorial days or the marking of a tragic defeat. How do the people of Gondor celebrate the date their king has returned? Do the long-lived elves still commemorate events of time beyond Man's recall? How are Boromir and Denethor remembered year after year? Is there a yearly ceremony to mark the finding of the new White Tree?

Anniversaries can also be private rituals. Does Aragorn carry out some special tradition every year on the day he'd first seen Arwen? Does Legolas commemorate the tainting of Greenwood the Great? What would our favorite heroes be doing a year after the Battle of the Morannon? Ten years after?

While anniversaries revolve around a past event, their real focus is the believes and feelings of the people now marking them. How are Aragorn and Legolas affected by their history? Do the memories weight them down or give them strength to look to the future? Do they linger on sadness or hope? This is your chance to explore how history and ritual join to shape the hearts of people in the present, for better or worse.

The deadline for this challenge is March 25th. Please send your stories and questions to:

Happy writing!

Your Teitho-moderators,
Marethiel, nautika, StarLight, and Valante

I hope some of you will be inspired to write something as the more stories the more fun.

Voting is open for the stories on the theme of "Heartbreak " at

if you want to check out what sort of stories are entered and choose your 3 favourites.
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