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Teitho contest

I love taking part in the Teitho contest,but am saddened that more stories are not entered as it is great fun to take part and the top three stories receive beautiful customised banners.For that reason and with the permission of the mods, I've decided to feature the contest on my LJ.

The contest is for gen stories, though mild het is allowed and all stories must feature Aragorn or Legolas, but a mere mention suffices.

The theme of this month's contest is "Heartbreak" and stories must be submitted by February 25th.


February is the month in which many of us celebrate the day of love and affection. Still, love always has two sides – the happiness of having your feelings returned and being with the one you love, and the pain of being rejected. This month, we want you to write about the second, darker side of love. Therefore, our challenge for you is called “Heart Break”.

As love existed in Middle-earth, inevitably so did heartbreak. How did Éowyn feel while she watched the man she loved, the man who seemed so perfect for her, the man, who had walked out of dreams and legends, love someone else? What were Aragorn’s thoughts when he had to reject the love of a woman so pure and brave, who had already suffered more than enough? What did Faramir feel during the first days after he had met Éowyn, while he watched the woman he was beginning to fall in love with, waste her tears on another man?

Éowyn’s story was not the only one that caused a heart to break. How did Elrond take watching Celebrían sail into the West and not knowing when or if he would see her again? What did the loss of Finduilas do to Denethor? What did Sam feel as he joined the Fellowship, leaving Rosie behind and not knowing if he would ever have the chance to propose to her? What did Gimli feel, knowing that his love for Galadriel could never be anything different from worshipping the sun?

A broken heart does not need to be caused by a romantic relationship. Perhaps Elrond’s heart was broken when he lost his only daughter to mortal fate. And did Legolas’s heart remain whole when he refused the call of the Sea?

As always, Aragorn and/or Legolas need to be in your story, whether as main or minor characters, or simply mentioned in passing. Also, as this challenge is likely to give rise to romance stories, we feel the need to remind you of a few rules. You can invent any original characters you want, so technically you are allowed to come up with a lady for Legolas, or Boromir, or whoever you believe needs one, but be very careful if you do as Mary Sues are not allowed in this contest. Slash is not allowed either. Sometimes there is a fine line between what is acceptable and what not, so if you are unsure feel free to contact us with your story idea. We will be very glad to help you. Also, if your story is meant for teen or mature audience, please state your rating clearly in the header.

The deadline for this challenge is Feb. 25th. Please send your stories and questions to:

Happy writing!

Your Teitho-moderators,
Marethiel, nautika, StarLight, and Valante



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