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Which drabble should I post to Tolkien Weekly?

Version 1
Version 2

Version 1
The four men huddled around the campfire sharing their meagre rations.

“Would that I had gold to buy a decent meal,” said one.

“I’d buy a silver bracelet for my daughter,” said another.

“My sweetheart deserves gemstones to adorn her slender neck,” said the third. “What about you, Captain?”

“My beloved needs no gold, silver or gems to adorn her,” Thorongil replied. ”She is fairer than the stars. In my dreams I gladly lay a kingdom at her feet.”

The others laughed. Thorongil had wild dreams for a captain.

Long after his companions slept, Thorongil sat gazing at the stars.

Version 2

Thorongil sat polishing his sword in a corner of the barracks, lost in thought while his men chattered idly, counting the pay they had just been given.

“My lady wishes for a gold ring,” said one.

“Do not all women? Mine will have to be content with silver,” said another.

“I would give mine a bracelet set with gemstones,” said a third.

Thorongil remembered Arwen’s lovely face; fairer than the stars, she needed neither gold, silver nor gemstones to enhance her beauty. Yet would that he had a crown to offer and a kingdom to lay humbly at her feet!
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