lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,


I've seen this on several LJ's today

What five scenes from fanfic (yours or anyone else's) would you like to see illustrated? 

As I cannot either draw or create graphics for love nor money, I cannot help but dream !

The scenes from my stories I would most like to see are.

1. Aragorn looking kingly in the lake with the eagles overhead (A Time to Reap)

2.Aragorn and Arwen with Edarion (Burden of Guilt)

3.Aragorn and Faramir collecting the misteletoe(At the Rising of the Moon)

4. Aragorn and Faramir subathing ( A Time to Reap)

5.Aragorn rescues the wounded Faramir from prison(Burden of Guilt)

If we could magically conjour up illustrations,what would readers like to see? These five, I admit are just the tip of the iceberg of my dreams and over vivid imagination!


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