lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

The Parting Gift - Galadriel

The Parting Gift.

I could have turned him away; made certain he never passed my borders to behold her again. Instead, I bade him welcome, had a bath prepared and fine garments laid out for him.

Joy had long eluded Arwen. I feared her fading. Aragorn ached with emptiness. I saw into his heart and hers.

Destiny dictates that they be united.

Today I bestow the bride gift upon him.

The adoration in his eyes at her name awes me. I lose much at his gaining. Yet he is worthy indeed.

Though I am doomed to diminish, their fruit will flourish.

I rejoice. 

I was sorry that Galadriel did not feature in the "There and Back " challange, but decided to write the drabble I had in mind for her in any case.
Tags: drabbles

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