lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

The Steward's Task

Linda Hoyland:
The Steward's Task:
Written for the Short and Sweet challenge and slightly altered to create a true drabble
100 words:
With thanks to Raksha. 
Dedicated to Raksha.

4056225.gif picture by lindahoyland

Aragorn stifled a yawn. He forced himself to assume an alert expression as the poet recited a seemingly endless, and joyless, saga in praise of his own great deeds. He thought enviously of Arwen, excused the ordeal because of her pregnancy.

Beside him, Faramir listened with a rapt expression. Even so, Aragorn was puzzled as to why Arwen had been  insistent that the Steward attend.

The room was unpleasantly warm. Perhaps later he could..

A sharp dig in his ribs jolted Aragorn back to full wakefulness.

“The Queen warned me that I might have to wake you,” Faramir grinned.
Tags: drabbles
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