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Flame and Shadow - Aragorn

Flame And Shadow

The King, his Queen beside him, lit the bonfire. It flickered, then flared to full flame.
He drew Andúril and stepped away, hailing the year’s rebirth.  The firelight rose behind him, seeming to wreath his sword and stern features in living flame. 
Faramir hung back within the shadows.
“Come forth and stand beside me,” Aragorn invited.
“A new age has dawned, the King should greet the coming year,” the Steward answered.
“What is the future without the past?” Aragorn replied. “This land has passed through fire. Together we shall build Gondor anew.”
Then the bells rang in the new year.

This was written for the final day of  the "There and Back Challenge". The theme was inspired by Raksha's beautiful story,"The Burning of the Year." 
With grateful thanks to Raksha for her help in polishing this.
Tags: drabbles

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