lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

The Road - The Long and Winding Road

Title: The Long and Winding Road
Author: Linda Hoyland
Characters/Pairing: Aragorn, Arwen
Rating: G
Warnings: None

Book/Source: LOTR book-verse
Nominee_142_100x100road.jpg picture by lindahoyland

 Disclaimer - These characters all belong to the estate of J.R.R. Tolkien. This story was written for pleasure and not for financial gain.

For Aragorn's Coronation Day. 

It had been a long road strewn with sharp stones and rocky boulders. Each step was fraught with peril. He had kept resolutely to his path, knowing all would be lost if he stumbled.

Today a few slow steps sufficed to claim his inheritance. He seized neither rod nor crown. In Faramir he recognised a fellow traveller over rough terrain. Aragorn knelt in humility to receive the crown of his forefathers. 

Aragorn was King. His heart, though, still wandered along stony highways seeking his treasure. Not until Arwen were his Queen would the stones beneath his feet become green pastures.

Tags: drabbles, films

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