April 30th, 2020


A New Star shall Arise by Linda Hoyland

This is a revised version of a story I wrote a year ago and have now posted on the archives.

A New Star shall Arise
B2MeM Prompt:B15 Blind Guardian Lyrics- A new star shall arise Archetypes – Wise old man. Apothecary's Garden – Sore eyes/eyebright. Shakespeare- Exit pursued by a bear. Person vs Nature- Caught out in bad weather.
Format:short story
Genre:angst, family, first meeting, friendship
Characters:Gilraen, Gandalf, OFCS
Creator's Notes:This story refers briefly to events in my stores "Candle of Hope," “Dancing with the Daffodils” and “Star of Hope” but can be read on its own.
Summary:Gilraen has an unexpected visitor.
With thanks to Medcat

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