March 5th, 2020


The Boys Today

Over the weekend I had more work done on the enclosure to try to stop any escape attempts.

Yesterday I took the boys out. Filipos yowled with indignation at the new measures.



A vain attempt to escape from Thomas Leo



The first forsythia flowers. It was too cold to stay out long but it shows spring is on the way.
Harry stalking

An award for Harry

MK Supporters Dogs for Good on-line Pet Show

Class 15 Best Headshot kindly sponsored by The Barking Bakery had 92 entries
1st - Maisie
2nd - Harry
3rd - Lizzie


There were only 5 cats taking part, a couple of rabbits and all the rest dogs so I'm very proud of Harry as the only none canine winner. I only entered a few photos in this show to keep costs down.