October 6th, 2019


Cards and Calendars

I know it is only early October but I decided to create my calendars now in case anyone is interested. I make less than £1 on each one and create them to share my photos rather than make money. The calendars are printed on good quality paper and the photos would be suitable for framing. I have chosen them from the best ones I've taken this year.

There are two nature calendars and two Ginger Boys calendars. One features Filipos and is dearer as I plan to give £5 a sale to God's Little People Cat Rescue.

If you have special requests, I am happy to create them. For example, a calendar exclusively devoted to Harry, or one with all bird photos.

They are the top 4 calendars on the page.

If you want to see the photos just ask and I'll post them on LJ.

There are also cards and gifts of the Ginger Boys available in my Zazzle Shop. Again this is to promote the boys rather than profit as I only get 10%.

Just one of the available designs.

Hope you enjoy and feel free to share
I hope you will check the calendars out to look at the photos even if you have zero interest in buying.