June 4th, 2019

Ginger Boys

To everyone on LJ/ DW or other blogs who lives in the Netherlands


Please pray for Fonzie's safe return! ❤️
We are so sad to hear one of our rescues has gone missing from his home in the Netherlands. Fonzie (brother of Fanta & Fernando) has happily lived in his beautiful home there for almost 2 years and he's used to a safe nature area to roam and has often been found visiting the neighbour. But now Fonzie has been missing for 3-4 days and there's no sign of him anywhere! Please pray for his safe return and send good thoughts his way, thank you! 🙏❤️🙏

Fonzie comes from the same charity as arranged Filipos' adoption. We are like a cat loving family on the charity page, especially those of us who have Syros cats as loving companions.

He was last seen in De Veluwe.

Please if you live in the Netherlands, especially in the De Veluwe area, share this. Someone somewhere must know where this much-loved cat is. He is the brother of the cat I originally intended to adopt.

EDIT _ Fonzie is safely home!
Ginger Boys

May Albums Part 1 - May 4th

I've just figured out how to create my Flickr albums without the "Camera Roll" feature, so here is the first album dated May 4th. It's going to take quite a bit of catching up. It only let me create one album then refused to find the next batch of photos!

May 4th 2019
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