May 16th, 2019

Boys updated

I forgot

On Tuesday, it was 2 years since I brought Thomas Leo home. I feel bad about forgetting.

He settled in at once and has always been the sweetest and gentlest of my boys, who gets on well with all of them. He is so quiet and good, it is too easy to overlook him.

I chose him as because when I had to take old Leo to the vet for the last time, I had the strongest feeling I must find a kitten born near his birthday. Thomas Leo was born to friend's cat 3 days after what would have been Leo's 20th birthday.

He is much quieter and gentler than old Leo, but he purrs exactly like him, he never lost his soft kitten fur like him, he is the same size, he climbs over me and purrs when he wants food like old Leo and he is also a one-woman cat like him.

He is such a sweet and loving little cat to me and the other Ginger Boys.