March 25th, 2019

Boys updated

Wrong Turnings

B2MeM Prompt:.G50 Colour Burst 5- Blue - Lake. Shakespeare –Pardon's the word to all. Person vs nature – Your character gets lost. Blind Guardian Lyrics – True hope lies beyond the coast. Setting as character- animal guide.Story elements - unmapped territory.
Format: short story
Genre: drama, angst, h/c, spirituality
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Characters:  OMCS, Aragorn, Halbarad
Pairings: OMC/OFC
Creator's Notes: I have associated Aragorn with eagles in several stories. Gilavir is recurring OC.
Summary: Everything goes awry when Aragorn and his Rangers hunt for Orcs.

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Story 24 is posted

I've just posted a story of about 1750 words about Aragorn and his Northern Rangers and I have a line on one of my cards! I missed a prompt today, "Unmapped Territory" but luckily was able to easily fit it in the story.

My next number is I 29 and I get a day off as its on none of my cards which is good as I've a busy day ahead.