November 21st, 2018

Ginger Boys

Happy Fillipos Day!

Today is Filipos Day! A year ago at 4 in the afternoon my kind friends brought Filipos Apollo to me. Several people I knew were horrified I chose to have a Greek cat but I've never regretted my decision to adopt him for a moment. He is the most charming, lovable and clever cat one could wish for and a wonderful companion.

If you enjoy Filipos' adventures, please consider donating to the charity that arranged his adoption
or buying one of my calendars, £5 of the purchase price goes to help more cats like Filipos have a chance.…/filipo…/calendar/product-23871633.html

I have made Filipos a Facebook Page in honour of the occasion and would be most grateful for likes and shares. I don't have much on it yet but hope to gradually build it

I was so apprehensive was I doing the right thing in adopting Filipos at the time. I cannot imagine life without him now.

Filipos arrival as I posted on LJ last year

And his story in detail
There are links on the page to continue the story.

This is the video which made me fall in love

The day Filipos arrived

And a couple of favourite photos of my little Greek boy.