November 1st, 2018

Harry owl

A win for Harry

I'm so proud of Harry he has just won the Best Spellbinding Eyes competition for Halloween! There were 54 entries.

He truly has wonderful eyes.

The main show is still open raising money for needy cats if anyone would like to take part.

There are gorgeous personalised prizes to win and it only costs £1 to enter. All pets are welcome,

I'm very busy at present so it might take me a while to catch up with comments.
Filipos Apollo

And a win for Filpos Apollo!

And I just learned Filipos has won an award too! I nearly didn't enter as it was to support Rottweilers which I admit I'm scared of, (I'm sure many are lovely but I'm a cat person) but I entered a few photos and Filipos won a special award in the Halloween themed Cat Class. There were 53 entries.