September 1st, 2018

Ginger Boys


I decided to brave taking Filipos Apollo out on my own. I had only been taking him out when a friend was around. He behaved perfectly and came back in with me when I told him to.(I wonder how long that will last?)

Thomas Leo made several escape attempts but was thwarted by the netting and wire. Fingers crossed! He then insisted on staying out for another 3 hours!




The pigeons caused great excitement!
Ginger Boys

Happy Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

I'm told it is a special day to appreciate my boys.


Sweet thoughtful Harry, my soulmate cat


Naughty Reuben Redfur who always makes me laugh

Thomas Leo

Cuddly Thomas Leo, who is amazingly like his namesake. He has the same loud purr. He loves to clmb.


Filipos Apollo my chatty and affectionate Aegean charmer.


Matzo my Greek sponsored cat who lives in Syros but is sort of one of my Ginger Boys.

Remembering my first ginger boys, Ginger and Leo
Ginger Leo

and not forgetting my neighbours' cat, Ginger who introduced me to these special cats and made me dream of keeping ginger cats when I grew up.