August 26th, 2018

Ginger Boys

Remembering my Mum

My Mother enjoyed telling me about her schooldays. As she only attended school until she was 14, she received a surprisingly good education.
When my Mother was young, far less emphasis was placed on education, especially for girls. Men went out to work and with few exceptions; women stayed at home and became wives and mothers, after a few years toiling in Domestic Service, or working in a shop or office. It was an era, when if a girl wanted a career, such as nurse, teacher, or secretary, she had to remain single or give up her job as soon as she married. 

My Mother started school at the age of five, taken there on her first day by a neighbour's slightly older daughter. In those days, parents rarely accompanied their children to school. She remembered apprehensively clutching the older girl's hand during the short walk to school. 

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