August 15th, 2018

Ginger Boys

Photo contest

From med_cat's LJ with a few comments of my own added.

The virtual photo contest is open for entries till September 21st, and the prizes are very nice!

If you'd not taken a look before, please check it out:

(proceeds go to the Yorkshire Cat Rescue, and there are a few special classes as well to raise money for the vet bills for the cats of the lady running the show) One of her cats recently suffered a broken pelvis and the vet's bill is huge. Her other cat has special medical needs

(and yes, I've participated before, and am participating this time as well)

My boys have won beautiful rosettes and a trophy in the contest.

If you are not on FB and want to take part. I'd be happy to submit the photos for you. Payment is via paypal.


CLASSES: (open to all pets)

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There is also an extra class "In the Summertime" to help with the vet's bill for the pelvic fracture.

Please help if you can.