July 14th, 2018

Reuben grown

Reuben is two today

Reuben has just had a tin of Thrive chicken to celebrate his second birthday. It's been too hot to plan a proper celebration.

My ugly duckling kitten has turned into a handsome swan of a cat.

Reuben follows a different drummer than my other boys and is often found alone in the kitchen, He gets on with them all, apart from the odd spat with Harry and was wonderful when Filipos arrived. He is exceptionally smart.

I doubt we will ever be very close but my life would be much poorer without him and I'd really miss him if he weren't around. He may not be cuddly, but he is a real character.


Enjoying his birthday treat.


With the rosette he won for "Handsome Boys"


Being groomed by Harry, he asks whenever he wants his ears grooming


Checking out the cat food delivery

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Sorry for the less than perfect photos. All were taken today.