June 26th, 2018

Ginger Boys

Ooops - Friends' list A-I mistake

I thought I'd edit my friend's list and remove people I never interact with and accounts that are never used. I think I've ticked the wrong boxes, though and deleted the people I wanted to keep.

I'm doing my best to add you back, please let me know if you affected. Sincere apologies, I should not do anything that requires concentration in a heatwave!

If anyone is removed and wants to be added back, just comment and I'll do it as fast as I can.
Ginger Boys

Latest Show results

My latest results from Missy and Chance's online show.

The boys didn't do too badly but I'm always feel we failed if I don't get one first place.

Cutest Pet Special - Harry (out of all show entries)

Cute babies - 4th Harry (60 entries)


Handsome boys - 2nd Reuben Redfur (74 entries)


Outdoors - 9th Harry (90 entries)


Rescued 8th - Filipos Apollo (32 entries)


BestFriends - 7th Thomas Leo and Filipos Apollo (77 entries)