June 19th, 2018

Ginger Boys

Filipos' Birthday

No one knows the exact day of Filipos' birthday, but the Greek vet estimated June 20th to put on his passport. I hope to have a little party and am asking for donations to God's Little People Cat Sanctuary instead of gifts for Filipos. They do wonderful work helping cats on Syros and every penny goes to help the cats.

If you have enjoyed following Fillipos' story, maybe you would consider celebrating his birthday with a small donation to God's Little People.

and if on Facebook, liking and sharing the page.

Donations via via Paypal to: delfinisanctuary@gmail.com

Filipos is a remarkable, resilient little cat with a personality as sunny as the island he came from. He is one of the most affectionate and charming cats I've ever encountered and I have no regrets about adopting a Greek cat. I highly recommend them.