January 2nd, 2018


Reuben's Writing Challenge

Reuben is back with a new challenge for the new year.

Write a story of any length including the 6 words below or inspired by the banner image.

Post your story here or on your favourite archive with the banner and a link to this post.

Reuben wishes you happy writing for the New Year.

The words are


4 boys

A request

Please if you send me a thank you note for an e card, could you put your name on it. I fear I don't know many e mails by heart and unless your email contains your name, I'm scratching my head who sent the nice note! It reads "You've received a Jacquie Lawson Thank You note from catswhisker@isp.com" with your e mail instead of the one I made up.

If you don't currently get e cards from me and would like them, please PM me. I love sending them for birthdays and holidays.
4 boys

A MEME I just made up

Hope you'll play along and post on your LJ.
Describe your pet in two words.

Harry - Beautiful, thoughtful
Reuben - Mischievous, sociable
Thomas Leo - sweet, shy
Filipos- charming, affectionate


They are all cats, all boys, 2w ginger and w2 ginger and white. A rare photo of all of them together.