November 19th, 2017


From the Courier's web page


"We have Stavros, Missy and Filipos the acrobatic circus act!! We have a lovely line up beauties as always!! Five of them are pussy cats on this trip too....And highly entertaining they are too!! Gymnasts and acrobats as you’ll see from the photos!!"

Filipos is now in Bulgaria.

Two Pictures

I bought this picture last week when I went to see a local artist's paintings. It is of a local view and only cost £6 in aid of charity.


I decided to order a canvas print of Thomas Leo's winning photo and also one of Reuben's win a while back. Somehow, I pressed the wrong key and ended up with two prints of Thomas Leo. If anyone fancies a cute ginger kitten to adorn their wall you can have it for £10 inclusive of postage. I feel a complete idiot! The marks round the edge are the cellophane wrapping and not on the picture. It is 8" square.

Today's Update

The incredible journey continues. Filipos is now in Hungary.

"The ginger ninja pussy cats are still having fun and doing back flips!! Stavros, Filipos and Missy and the crazy and funny ones, the toys are out now and they’re having great fun!"