September 17th, 2017


Pimp My Comm - or 'put that camera/phone to use!'

Originally posted by curiouswombat at Pimp My Comm - or 'put that camera/phone to use!'
A few years ago I joined the photo_scavenger community. A few less years ago I took over posting the weekly prompts. But it isn't really my community - it is for anyone with a camera or a phone!

Each week there is a prompt for a picture (or two or three if you want!), sometimes something 'concrete' like Fruit, sometimes something a little more 'abstract' like Cute.

Some people look through their lens throughout the week to spot something new, some people just look through the files they already have, others do a bit of both. We don't mind, really, as long as it is your picture. There is no requirement to post for every prompt, either, although some people do, as a personal challenge.

But the more people posting pictures, and/or commenting, the more interesting it is for everyone.

So - if some of the communities you used to follow are no longer active - why not try something a bit different and come and join photo_scavenger?

Eternal Cycles

Written for the Silmarillion40 event.

Eternal Cycles

Silence, nothingness, endless eons passed until;
A single note shattering silence.
Then another and another,
Chords woven into harmonies.
Sweet melodies took form, and with them
Earth and air fire and water,
The very stuff of being.
Land and sea, forest and river.
The One saw that it was good.
But then another chord distorts the melody
Earth trembles, seas rage and forests burn.
Harmony shattered by discord.
For Chaos must exist with order
And Evil with the Good.
From the beginning, it was ever so,
Creation and Destruction.
Endless cycles, until the end of time,
When Arda is renewed.

The Unanswered Question.

Written as part of the Silmarillion40 event.

Estel listened enraptured while his foster father spoke. Only when the story was concluded did he speak.
“Why did the One allow Melkor to spoil the music the other Ainur created?”

Elrond was silent for a few moments lost in thought.“Maybe this is how it was meant to be. Would we recognise light if there were no darkness, good if there were no evil, joy if there were no sorrow?”

“But how much happier everyone would be if Melkor's discords had not spoiled the harmonies of the Music of Creation!”

“Remember though, Estel, he only spoiled the music twice. The One would not let him spoil the final theme and it was from this that the One brought Elves and Men into being.”

“Then the music is not spoiled ?”

“Only if we allow the Evil One to prevail, Estel.” Elrond fell silent again thinking of his wife whom he could not heal. “One day, Arda will be renewed and her hurts healed forever.”

“But what about everyone who is hurting before then?” Estel persisted.

Elrond could only shake his head sadly. To some questions, even the wise lord of Imladris had no answers.