August 24th, 2017


Naughty Boys

My boys are usually very good, but they have their moments.

I drink my tea from 3/4 pint latte mugs that I can only get from one seller on e bay. Last week I found one knocked off my bedside table and broken. I got out a new one and put it down on the cat tree while I turned the scratching post round. Up jumped Thomas Leo and down went the mug, knocking off the handle.

Two days ago, I put a cup of milk down while I carried some things upstairs. It was covered with a tissue. Harry removed the tissue and sampled the milk.

Today, I took the boys out in the yard and stayed with them while I picked elderberries. It started to go dark so we went in, or rather I did and the youngsters. There was no sign of Harry. I could not find him anywhere. Eventually, he heard the alarm in my voice and emerged from the undergrowth, but would not come in. He appeared to be stalking something.

I pleaded, opened Gourmet cat food, pretended to shut him out for the night, and rattled a tin of treats but all in vain. I then yelled "Yoghurt, Cheese!" and Harry came running inside!