June 22nd, 2015


Wedding Bell Blues

Wedding Bell Blues by Raksha the Demon and Linda Hoyland

Rating PG

Disclaimer: The characters and places of the Lord of the Rings are the creation of J.R.R. Tolkien.
Written for the Teitho Alphabet Challenge

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Author's Note from Raksha: Frodo's line "Happy is the bridegroom the sun shines upon" is paraphrased (and slightly changed) from a line in the novel "Hornblower and the Hotspur."

Author's Note from Linda; I consider this story AU as in the book, the Hobbits seem to be unaware of Aragorn's impending marriage until Arwen actually arrives. This is a standalone story and not part of my usual interconnected series. I think only a select view knew of Arwen's impending arrival. I also think it highly unlikely Aragorn would over indulge the night before his bride arrived (unless of course nerves got the better of him.) This story was written for the "Teitho" Alphabet challenge, which I found almost impossible. The bulk of the story was skilfully written by Raksha.

I thought it would be seasonal to publish it now around the time of the wedding.

Arwen's arrival as imagined within my sub universe is described in "Somewhat Grim to look upon" from Pippin's point of view and the wedding from Aragorn's point of view in "I Do".