February 17th, 2015

Aragorn and Faramir

Story Rec

A must for all Faramir and Aragorn fans. If you have not already read it on LJ, you are missing a treat!

New story from Eildon Rhymer,

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men


Lord of the Rings

Words: 5,381
Genre: General/Friendship
Rated: K
Character: Gandalf, Aragorn, Boromir, Faramir

Faramir has spent his life in the shadow of great men. As a child, he found his heroes in stories. As he grows up, he seeks them in the world outside his window. But when future generations tell their tales of the past, what heroes do they find?

The Perils of Fame (slightly longer version)

Author: Linda Hoyland

Title: The Perils of Fame


Theme: Fanworks Day

Elements: Arwen

Author's Notes:For the purposes of this story, Aragorn, Arwen and Faramir are "real" people. The quoted stories come purely from my own imagination and are not intended to refer to any actual story I have read. This is crackfic to be read with a liberal pinch of salt.

Dedicated to Julia for her birthday

Summary: Aragorn, Arwen and Faramir are upset when they discover some curious documents.

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