January 27th, 2015

Faramir and Eowyn art

Learning to Love

Title: Learning to Love
Author: Linda Hoyland
Title: Learning to Love
Rating: PG

Theme: Bunny Hutch LOTRGFIC Challenge.
Elements: . I've often wondered if Eowyn truly wanted Faramir or if she always pined for Aragorn but realized he wasn't to be hers, so settled for Faramir as a poor second choice. (Erulisse (one L))
Author's Notes: These drabbles are closely linked to my treatment of Faramir and Eowyn in other stories in my sub universe. The drabbles contain direct references to Tolkien.
Summary: Still Pining for Aragorn, Eowyn accepts Faramir's proposal.
Word Count:400
Disclaimer: The characters are the property of the Tolkien Estate. No profit has been, nor will be made from this story.

Faramir looked longingly at her, eyes alight with love. Éowyn accepted his proposal, yet her heart yearned for another. Aragorn loved her not, though, while Faramir did. Faramir was a good man. He would treat her kindly. Never would he confine her to a cage.
He even looked like Aragorn, tall and stern with sparkling grey eyes. Éowyn could do far worse. She would try to make him a good wife. She hoped her heart would no longer flutter wildly whenever Aragorn was near.

What else could she do? Return home and keep house for her brother until he wed?


The man she had loved had spoken of her as a fair thing given to Faramir by her brother. She hated him now with a burning rage that consumed her day and night. Yet were love and hate not close kin, mingled as the twin consuming passions?

She even doubted Faramir now. Did he truly love her or had he only wed her to spare the King embarrassment now that his Elven bride was here?

Faramir treated her respectfully, too respectfully, for he shunned her bed. Maybe he knew all too well that he was only her second choice.


When they at last come together, ice met with fire. His heat thawed her frost. She melted into his arms and at last, she loved him as he loved her. She knew now his love was no courtly pretext. They had both passed through darkest shadows into the sun.

When he held their child, his eyes beheld her with adoration and gratitude.
“Beloved!” he whispered and kissed her.

She returned his kiss, her heart overflowing. Faramir was truly a Prince amongst men. Éowyn was now the happiest of wives, free to be her own mistress as well as Faramir’s lady.


The years pass until one day Faramir asks her, “Do you still feel love for Aragorn, by far the greatest man who lives?”

She can laugh now at that ill- starred infatuation. “I love him still, even as you love him, my husband,” she replies. “Do not all who see the King come to love him? He is my friend as he is yours.”

She knows now there are many kinds of love, equally deep and true; that of wife, mother, sister and friend. For Faramir alone she feels the love that makes her heart quicken when she beholds him.

A public warning

Most of my friends know this already, but I want to post a public warning that all pets should be kept away from raisins, grapes and currants.(Chocolate and lilies are lethal to cats too).

My beloved kitten,Harry ate some fruit cake on Friday while I was out. I phoned the vet who took it very seriously and told me to bring Harry in at once. We were seen within 5 minutes by the chief vet.

Harry had to spend all weekend under observation and be given preventative treatment, which the vet warned might not work. Luckily, his test results were clear, but the outcome could have been very different.

At best, a hefty vet's bill, at worst the loss of a beloved pet.




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